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Aquastrap has been developed for cold water users worldwide, using genuine VELCRO® brand technology, to restrict water ingress, flushing and ballooning of boots and gloves leaving the user warmer and free to enjoy longer in the water.


For years we have all used various types of straps to try and stop water filling our boots and freezing our feet during the Winter months. All have worked to some degree but were never the best solution.


And for gloves - well we just had to live with them slowly filling up and were resigned to the periodic emptying of them whilst in the line-up, and the constant adjustments.


Aquastrap can change all this. With virtually no added weight or bulk, the Aquastrap system works with your existing boots and gloves creating a mechanical bond* with your suit, delivering a number of benefits all aimed at keeping you in the water for longer.


Aquastrap is a must have for any cold water users whether it's Surfing, SUP, Kite-surfing, Windsurfing, Kayaking, Sailing, Caving, Coasteering, Canoeing and any other cold water activities.


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* The Mechanical Bond will depend upon the materials, condition and fit of your wetsuit, boots and gloves.

Aquastrap works in a very simple way. Using a unique two way hook system developed by the Velcro Companies, the strap forms a bond to both wetsuit and boot / glove which reduces water ingress around ankles and wrists. The system is most effective when the boots and gloves are made of double lined neoprene which allows the bond to link the boot / glove to the strap as well as the inside leg / sleeve of the suit.

This bond will result in minor "bobbling" of the materials over the life of the wetsuit, boots and gloves.


The system also works with single lined boots and gloves but a small tab (included in each pack) is required to ensure the strap is sufficiently tight. (Important Note: Please always ensure adequate blood flow and never over-tighten straps) This will ensure the boot / glove does not balloon and also the wetsuit leg / sleeve will bond to the strap to eliminate flushing but the leg / sleeve may still ride up slightly although field tests have not reported this.


Main Aquastrap benefits:

Reduced water ingress eliminates ballooning effect on boots and gloves, retaining more warmth through less flushing.

In turn this keeps weight to a minimum allowing maximum heat retention meaning less fatigue and longer in the water.

Eliminates wetsuit legs and arms riding up away from ankles and wrists which in turn minimizes scrunching around pits and groin areas

This freedom around the pit and groin area reduces the risk of rashes and also helps maintain maximum flex in critical areas.

Again, this means staying warmer and enjoying the water for longer with less fatigue.



Aquastrap is sold in a range of options:


Ankle Set - Two pieces are 400 mm.


Wrist Set - Two pieces are 300 mm.


Full Set - Two pieces are 400 mm for Ankles and two pieces are 300 mm for Wrists


Each set includes the extra "tabs" for use with Single Lined Boots / Gloves.


Each set is packed in resealable, reusable packaging which is handy to make sure you don't lose any.


Pricing and options are in our drop-down to the right.


For combination orders please email and we will work a deal to reduce postage costs.


Payments are handled exclusively by PayPal to ensure maximum online security and financial protection.


Aquastrap is exclusively distributed by Happy Supply.


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